Military Solutions

GE Aviation is a world-leading provider of military aircraft engines, systems, services and components

Since developing the first turbosupercharger for U.S. military aircraft during WWI, GE Aviation has continued to expand mission capabilities with innovations that allow pilots to fly farther, faster and more efficiently than ever before. And we’re investing more than $1B every year in new manufacturing, materials and technologies to ensure next-generation military aircraft will exceed tomorrow’s mission demands.

Military Engines

From the legendary T700 turboshaft engine and F110 jet engine to the revolutionary Adaptive Cycle Engine (ACE) and T901 turboshaft engine, GE Aviation’s military aircraft engines deliver unprecedented speed, power, fuel efficiency and reduction in costs.

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Military Systems

As a leading provider of integrated military aircraft systems and technologies, GE Aviation is helping armed forces improve fleet reliability and performance and predict future requirements. Avionics, electrical power systems, propellers and mission equipment are all optimized for military applications and mission needs.

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Military Services

GE Aviation’s comprehensive maintenance solutions help maximize military aircraft availability, while our material services ensure every engine is maintained to our meticulous design standards. We also offer forecasting, planning, and logistics support to improve material delivery and optimize inventory levels.

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