SINGAPORE - GE Industrial AeroDerivative Gas Turbines (GE-IAD) reported that five projects in Asia have begun or are will soon begin operation using GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines. Two projects are in Thailand, and the remaining three projects are in Japan, Taiwan and India.

Currently there are 38 LM6000 gas turbines operating in various power projects throughout Asia. There are an additional 59 LM2500 and five LM1600 gas turbines operating at power projects or in mechanical drive applications in the region.

What follows is a summary of these five projects:

  1. Saha Power Plant, Thailand uses two GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines each rated at 44 megawatts. The gas turbines, which began producing power in early January 1999, were supplied by GE-IAD's OEM, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (IHI). Power generated is provided to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) as well as various manufacturing companies in the Saha Industrial Park. As of August 1999, each gas turbine had accumulated 3,300 fired hours.
  2. Rojana Power Plant, Thailand is almost identical to the Saha plant and also features two LM6000 gas turbines supplied by IHI. The units began commercial operation in late February 1999. Again a majority of the power generated is sold to EGAT, with some electricity being used by international manufacturing facilities in the Rojana Industrial Park. As of August 1999, each LM6000 had logged more than 2,600 fired hours.
  3. Science Park Cogeneration Plant, Hsinchu,Taiwan features three LM6000 gas turbines supplied by IHI. The Taipei-based IPP, Hsin Yu Cogeneration Co. Ltd. developed the 155-megawatt combined-cycle cogeneration plant. This new cogeneration facility is located in the Hsin Yu Industrial Park. Electricity and steam generated at the cogeneration facility is sold to the industrial park, which previously purchased power from Taiwan Power Co. Taiwan Power Co. also purchases excess power generated at the facility. Two of the gas turbines have logged more than 1,100 fired hours since beginning service in April 1999; the third LM6000 is slated for commercial operation by the end of 1999.
  4. Tosoh Plant, Yokkaichi, Japan will use an LM6000 gas turbine and will burn a combination of methane and hydrogen fuel - the byproducts from the naphtha cracking process at Tosoh's petrochemical plant. This is a unique application for the LM6000 because of the fuel it burns as well as the captive power scheme. Tosoh expects to see a significant increase in the naphtha cracking plants overall thermal efficiency with the new, efficient naphtha cracking furnace and this new power arrangement. The gas turbine-generator set was provided by S&S Energy Products, a GE Power Systems business. The power plant will begin operating in the fall of 1999.
  5. Indian Petrochemicals Limited (IPCL), Dahej, IndiaM will use two LM6000 gas turbines supplied by IHI at this captive cogeneration plant. The two LM6000 gas turbines with inlet air chillers will be naphtha fuel-fired. The gas turbines will provide 90 megawatts of electricity and 240 tons per hour of high-pressure steam from the heat recovery steam generators manufactured by Larsen & Toubro Limited, Mumbai, India. Electricity and steam generated will be used for IPCL's petrochemical process. IPCL manufactures and sells polymers, fibers and chemical products derived from hydrocarbon feed stocks. Commercial operation of the power plant is slated for October 1999.