EVENDALE, Ohio-The Japan Defense Agency (JDA) selected GE Aircraft Engines' (GEAE) CF6-80C2 engine for its C-X program, Japan's next-generation cargo military aircraft. 

The JDA will take delivery of the first engine in 2006. The potential value of the engine contract for GEAE is valued at approximately $1 billion over the estimated 30-year life of the program. 

The C-X, currently in development, will replace the C-1 cargo aircraft. The JDA will begin operating the C-X in 2011. 

"The CF6-80C2 engine continues to win new military applications worldwide," says Andy Solem, General Manager of Turbofan and Turbojet Programs at GEAE's Military Engine Operations. "This selection reinforces the JDA's confidence in the CF6-80C2 performance and reliability, and our support of the engines in operation." 

In Japan, the CF6-80C2 has already been selected for the E-767 AWACS early warning aircraft, the KC-767 tanker/transport aircraft, and the B-747 VIP transport. 

In the U.S., Lockheed Martin selected the CF6-80C2 for the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase of the U.S. Air Force C-5 Galaxy Reliability and Enhancement and Re-engining Program. The production phase could call for up to 500 engines. In addition, the USAF chose the CF6-80C2 for its new Boeing airborne laser (ABL) aircraft. The CF6-80C2 is also a candidate engine for the USAF's KC-767A Tanker program. 

In 2005, the Italian Air Force will take delivery of the first of four KC-767 tanker/transport aircraft powered by CF6-80C2 engines.  

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