EVENDALE, Ohio - The GE T700/T6A1 turboshaft engine has received final certification for use on the Canadian Cormorant helicopter.

Certified by the Canadian Department of National Defense Technical Airworthiness Authority, the T700/T6A1 is a military variant of the CT7-6, the baseline engine for EH Industries EH101 helicopters. The T700/T6A1 engine co-developed and co-produced by GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) and Fiat Avio of Italy, was selected to power the Canadian Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopters in 1998 replacing Canada's aging fleet of S-61 Labradors. Three T700/T6A1 engines, each rated at 2145 shaft takeoff horsepower, will be utilized to power each of the 15 aircraft.

"We are extremely pleased to receive final certification for the T700/T6A1 engine on the Canadian Cormorant," said Ed Birtwell, general manager of GE's T700/CT7 Engine Programs. "The T700's versatility and reliability make it the perfect solution for search and rescue applications."

The first two production aircraft are being delivered this month, with the entire fleet scheduled to be in operation by February 2003.

The T700/CT7 engine family provides greater reliability and maintainability compared with other engines in its class. The T700/CT7 family has proven itself in battle, extreme environments, and in commercial revenue service, amassing more than 35 million engine flight hours.

With an installed base of more than 11,000 engines, GE's T700/CT7 turboshaft and turboprop engines are the most widely used engines in their class. The engines currently power 25 types of civil and military helicopters as well as regional airliners, military transports, and multipurpose aircraft.

GE Aircraft Engines, a division of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE)is the world's leading manufacturer of jet engines for civil and military aircraft, including engines produced by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company of Snecma of France and GE. GEAE also manufactures gas turbines, derived from its highly successful jet engine programs, for marine and industrial applications. In addition, GEAE provides comprehensive maintenance support, through its GE Engine Services operation, for GE and non-GE jet engines in service throughout the world.