DUBAI -- GE has awarded Azerbaijan Airlines its TRUEngine designation for 18 GE engines powering three of its aircraft types. The agreement includes six CF6-80C2s powering Azerbaijan Airline’s Boeing 767s, eight CF34-10Es powering its EMBRAER 190s and four GEnx-1B engines, powering two Boeing 787-8s slated for delivery in 2014.

“Azerbaijan Airlines is demonstrating a strong commitment to OEM quality engine maintenance by joining the growing TRUEngine program,” said Paul McElhinney, president and CEO of GE Aviation Services. “TRUEngine designation provides airlines peace of mind by protecting asset values and assuring access to the full range of GE’s world-class support.”

Launched in 2008 for the CFM56, the TRUEngine designation provides assurance to owners, operators, and engine buyers that engines qualified as TRUEngine have been maintained in the OEM configuration. The program has since been expanded to include CF6, GEnx and CF34 engines. Independent studies show that engines maintained with OEM parts and repairs maintain as much as 50% higher resale values compared to engines that include non-OEM parts or repairs. More than 8,300 engines operated by114 operators have received the TRUEngine designation.

To qualify for TRUEngine status, the engine configuration, overhaul practices, spare parts and repairs used to service an engine must comply with GE-issued engine manuals and other maintenance recommendations. The qualification is obtained through the customer's declaration of compliance and GE's verification of customer submitted maintenance records since birth. The TRUEngine designation enhances marketability and provides other valuable benefits at no additional cost, such as extended new part warranty, complimentary access to engine lease pool and optimized product support. For more information, visit

Headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan Airlines serves 30 locations in the CIS, Europe, the Middle East and Asia with a fleet of 23 aircraft. The addition of two GEnx-powered Boeing 787-8s in 2014 will enable the airline to expand its network to include flights to North America and Southeast Asia.

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*TRUEngine is a registered trademark of GE

*CFM International is a 50/50 joint venture between GE and Snecma of France. CFM 56 is a registered trademark of CFM.