EVENDALE, Ohio - GE Engine Services (GEES), a unit of GE Aircraft Engines, has launched GE Rotable Solutions to lower airline ownership costs on line replaceable units (LRUs) for CFM56, CF34, CF6 and GE90 engines.

GE Rotable Solutions owns and manages the maintenance, repair and overhaul of LRUs, which include electrical, hydraulic, fuel, lubrication and pneumatic systems that are maintained without removing the engine from the aircraft. GE will work with airlines to customize coverage to meet individual needs.

"Our customers are asking for customized solutions that will improve their operations and make them more competitive," said George Oliver, president and CEO of GE Engine Services. "GE Rotable Solutions offers customers predictable LRU costs so they can accurately budget key maintenance costs and refocus capital."

GE Rotable Solutions, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, consists of three strategically located LRU asset pools in North America, Europe and Asia. The business utilizes GE's global network of certified Accessory Repair Centers in Texas, Brazil, Scotland and Wales.

The company's initial product launch is a Guaranteed LRU AvailabilitySM (GLASM) service. Under the GLA program, GE owns and handles maintenance, repair and ground support of all LRUs at a per-flight-hour charge. The GLA program improves asset availability, lowers cost of ownership and reduces the customer's capital outlay. In addition, the program provides maintenance cost predictability and reduces overhead costs associated with information technology, logistics and repair management. GLA can be customized to new or existing fleets.

"GLA allows customers to meet their LRU asset management goals without an up-front investment," said Sandor Nagy, general manager of GE Rotable Solutions. "Lower asset management risk and a predictable maintenance cost schedule enable customers to gain value through minimal risk and minimal investment. GLA gives customers the option of having GE own the LRUs instead of the customer investing capital for LRUs."

GE Engine Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Aircraft Engines (NYSE: GE), is a global provider of maintenance and support services for operators of GE and non-GE engines. In addition to overhaul and repair, GE Engine Services provides solutions to meet customer maintenance needs including component repair, on wing support, and spare parts. GE Engine Services also maintains engine accessories and key aircraft components, provides remote diagnostics monitoring of aircraft in flight, and offers a full range of engine leasing plans.