The 25.1 MW Engine

Photo courtesy of Buquebus

Most popular marine gas turbine

The 25.1 MW marine gas turbine is GE's most popular marine gas turbine and leads the industry for its high performance and reliability. It is a simple-cycle, two-shaft, high-performance engine, derived from GE’s CF6-6 aircraft engine.

The 25.1 MW marine gas turbine consists of:

  • A gas generator
  • A power turbine
  • Attached fuel and lube oil pumps
  • A fuel control and speed governing system
  • Associated inlet and exhaust sections
  • Lube and scavenge systems
  • Controls and devices for starting and monitoring engine operation

It offers low emissions, the ability to operate on a variety of fuels, and reduced overall maintenance costs over the life of the engine. There are more than 1,300 of GE’s 25.1 MW marine gas turbines in service worldwide. Potential applications include high-speed ferries, cruise ships and LNG carriers.

25.1 MW

The 25.1 MW (33,600 shp) unit is GE's most popular marine gas turbine, offering high performance and reliability.

General Electric


33,600 SHP (25,060 KW)
.373 lb/shp-hr (227 g/kW-hr)
Heat rate
6,860 Btu/shp-hr
9,200 Btu/kWs-hr
9,705 kJ/kWs-hr
Exhaust gas flow
155 lb/sec (70.5 kg/sec)
Exhaust gas temperature
1,051°F (566°C)
Power turbine speed
3600 rpm
Average performance, 60 Hertz, 59°F, sea level, 60% relative humidity, no inlet/exhaust losses