Direct operating cost is a significant portion of airlines’ overall cost.  The flight path chosen by the operator significantly affects fuel burn, noise, passenger comfort and trip time - and demand for the airline’s service.


GE Aviation is investing in technologies for its flight management system product line that help aircraft operators control their airplanes in a cost-optimal manner - to reduce fuel consumption and flight durations,  minimize noise, increase passenger comfort and improve time-of-arrival control.  Cost-optimal control balances operating cost with revenue-generating performance to maximize operating profit.

  • Finds the optimal control and state trajectory to minimize cost, maximize comfort, and arrive on time
  • Incorporates real-time weather (wind and temperature) into optimization
  • Integrates with GE’s flight management application to enable direct loading of optimal controls
  • Integrates EFB application with GE’s connected FMS; enables retrofit to legacy fleet and new-production airplanes
  • Reduces aircraft operations costs: Up to 2% fuel savings 
  • Helps pilots select optimal flight path for cost, comfort, and RTA. 
  • Contributes to FAA CLEEN goals to reduce  noise and emission of greenhouse gases
  • Ease of use by pilots – application can be integrated with FMS