Voice communications with Air Traffic Control and the Airline Operations Center is inefficient and time consuming for pilots. Additionally, aircraft not equipped with FANS-1/A (Future Air Navigation System) and/or Link2000+ datalink capabilities may be denied preferred routes in many airspaces.   


GE Aviation provides a network certified software only Communications Management Application which is fully compliant with the ACARS and ATN data communications networks and supports FANS-1/A and Link 2000+ mandates. GE’s CMA is a software-only solution (which replaces a Federated ARINC 758 CMU) which is integrated with the GE flight management application and hosted on the flight management computer or integrated modular avionics computer.  

  • Supports FANS-1/A and FANS-2
  • Link2000+ compliant 
  • ARINC 758 CMU functionality
  • Provides full ACARS and ATN datalink message routing
  • Fully certified for operation on the ARINC and SITA networks (ARINC AQP & SITA VAQ tested)
  • Weight reduction by eliminating federated CMU hardware
  • Software can be hosted in 3rd party hardware
  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Integrated CPDLC and FANS message support
  • Supports aircraft flying routes above FL280 in European airspace
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Software solution can be integrated on IMA or 3rd party hardware platform