Airlines have deployed  Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tablet computers into the cockpits to reduce the workload of the pilot.  However the benefits of these assets are limited by not having a connection to  the aircraft avionics systems. 


The Connected FMS provides a Tablet Interface solution (CFMS) for GE’s broadly deployed FMS. The CFMS allows airlines and application providers to develop tablet applications that can interface with the aircraft FMS through a well defined, easy to use , secure and safe developers kit. 

  • Enables EFB Tablet and Ground Applications to interface with the FMS
  • Enables 3rd party applications to access aircraft data via secured link
  • Enables value added applications for the Pilot and Dispatcher
  • Access real-time  and post-flight aircraft flight data
  • Supports iOS and Windows OS Applications
  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) provides Application Programming  Interface (API)  and development Stations
  • Enables flight path optimization, improved situational awareness and pilot work load reducing applications
  • Ability to update Flight Plans via tablet Applications
  • Enables access to data for Post-Flight data analytics
  • Lower Application development costs via SDK API and development station