Today's aircraft need a powerful flight management computing platform to enable all the latest precision navigation and guidance features of today's flight management applications.


GE provides a number of flight management computers to support both civil and military applications.  The FMC fully supports all flight management applications, features, and upgrades and provide options to multiple  additional applications. GE continues to advance its FMC family with the coming addition of a multi-core custom System on a Chip (CSoC) processor version of its FMC which will provide extended service life for the aircraft industry.


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  • Able to host additional applications such as communications management 
  • Integrated fight management system solution
  • ARINC 653 compliant partitioned operating system
  • Supports FANS datalink capabilities
  • Supports precision navigation up to RNP 0.1 
  • Supports latest FMS software upgrades
  • Reduces SW lifecycle costs via extended production life of CSoC
  • Reduces operational cost 
  • Reduces weight and power
  • Increases reliability
  • Increases aircraft availability