Current and future FAA/EASA mandates, along with updates focused toward flight and fuel efficiencies have lead to proficiency and training shortfalls for operational users.  Operator proficiency is crucial in maximizing current FMS capabilities that provide time and fuel savings.  


GE Aviation can provide a range of training and on-line tools to assist aircraft operators build their FMS proficiency and achieve the maximum benefit from their FMS capabilities.   These training solutions provide options to decrease FMS training time required in full motion simulators/ground school, as well as improving pre-flight planning to optimize routes, and improve pilot situational awareness

Operator experience
  • Training for in-depth FMS skills development
  • Training options include virtual, customer site and GE site hosted
  • FMS-on-line provides on-line Fully functional FMS
  • Training on new features
  • Ability to fly flight plans on actual FMS without occupying simulator
  • Improved pilot effectiveness with FMS
  • Ability to fly flight plans on simulated “actual FMS”
  • Reduced pilot workload through FMS proficiency
  • Effective pilot training interface
  • Reduced full motion simulator costs

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