Airlines need an FMS simulation to provide pilots with FMS familiarization training and to perform Navigation Data Base validation.


GE Aviation provides a set of tools which allow users to fly the FMS from takeoff to touchdown in a scalable simulated environment.


Click here for more information on the 737 FMC Test Station. 

  • Platform runs the FMS software and databases that run on the aircraft FMS and communicates with the simulation over standard Ethernet.
  • Simulation models the necessary aircraft systems and environment for the FMS on a Windows PC, providing the user with the ability to inject errors or simulate non-standard conditions.
  • Tools to load and operate the FMS.
  • Tools to provide automation of the simulation.
  • Cost effective aircraft simulation support
  • Accurate, fully functional FMS reproduction
  • Effective pilot training interface
  • Validation of loadable Navigation Databases

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