Military Fighter aircraft are required to fly in civil airspace enroute to and returning from mission areas. The combination of civil airspace requirements for communications, navigation and optimizing safety places a high demand on the workload of the pilot when they could be preparing for the upcoming mission. Furthermore, fuel used for the enroute and return phases of flight is fuel not available for the mission.


The GE Aviation Flight Management Application (FMA) automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks in civil airspace, enabling the pilots to prepare for their mission.  The GE FMA also minimizes fuel consumption during flight in enroute to and on the return from the mission area, providing the warfighter with more fuel to extend mission range and time on target. The GE FMA provides world class Required Time of Arrival (RTA) capability to enable high precision coordination with friendly aircraft.  The GE FMA also provides the warfighter with LPV and RNP precision approach and departure capability.


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  • FAA compliant flight plans
  • Minimum Fuel enroute flight profiles
  • Advanced Airspace features: LPV, RNAV/RNP 0.1, Performance Based Navigation, FANS 1/A, Link 2000+
  • Worldwide navigation database
  • Integration of Civil Airspace rules and restrictions
  • Automated communications management
  • Improved fuel utilization
  • Improved mission effectiveness
  • Reduced Pilot workload
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Support for future airspace mandates
  • Efficient operation in civil airspace
  • Cost effective updates to respond to changing civil airspace requirements