Military Air Transport aircraft are required to fly mission specific routes as well as operate in controlled airspace. The combination of mission requirements, communications, navigation and optimizing safety and operational costs places a high demand on the workload of the pilot(s). 


GE Aviation is a leading provider of Flight Management Systems (FMS) for military transport aircraft including platforms such as KC-46, C-130J, P-8A, E-2D, and E-6B.  The GE Aviation FMS automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks, enabling the pilots to accomplish their mission efficiently, while minimizing fuel consumption.  The GE FMS provides tactical guidance capabilities in addition to its core navigation and control functions which enable an aircraft to fly from its origin to its destination, accounting for traffic, weather, aircraft performance and required arrival time.

  • Tactical capabilities such as: Airdrop, Rendezvous, Search and Rescue and Refueling
  • FAA compliant Flight Plans
  • Advanced Airspace features: RNAV/RNP 0.1, PBN, FANS 1/A, Link 2000+
  • Worldwide navigation database
  • Integration of Civil Airspace rules and restrictions
  • Automated communications management
  • Improved mission effectiveness
  • Reduced Pilot workload
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Support for future airspace mandates
  • Efficient operation in Civil Airspace
  • Improved fuel utilization
  • Cost effective updates to respond to changing civil airspace requirements.