Aircraft need a common user interface device to provide the pilots with alpha-numeric data entry to enter flight management information and support other aircraft interactions. 


GE provides several MCDU models - all supporting the industry standard A739 protocol and certified to support Part 23 & 25 aircraft applications.  GE’s MCDUs are TSO certified and are used on many types of civil and military aircraft.


Click here for more information on the 7" MCDU.

Click here for more information on the 9" MCDU. 

  • Single user interface device for multiple aircraft systems
  • Fully integrated with GE’s flight management application
  • Solutions for both 9” and 7” installations
  • Fully compliant with A739 interface standard
  • Single user interface device commonly used for FMS, ACARS, SATCOM, DVR and other systems.
  • Proven, highly reliable
  • TSO simplifies certification
  • Proven, intuitive user interface device