Modern aircraft need a multi-purpose common User Interface Device (UID) to provide pilots with a man-machine interface for the flight management system and other aircraft systems and applications. 


GE is introducing the TCDU – a touchscreen version of its MCDU product.  The TCDU provides the  industry standard A739 interface to support legacy FMS’s and other avionics systems.  It also provides advanced graphics and a touchscreen interface to enable the introduction of new features and applications into cockpit within easy reach of the pilots. 

  • Reconfigurable User Interface Device for multiple Aircraft systems
  • Supports Multi-touch user gestures
  • Familiar, intuitive, touch user interface
  • Fully integrated with GE’s flight management application
  • Solutions for both 9” and 7” installations
  • Interchangeable with existing MCDU versions 
  • Reduction in pilot workload
  • Improved reliability over legacy keyboard technologies
  • TSO simplifies certification
  • Ability to host additional applications