Today’s Flight Management Systems must perform a multitude of complex tasks without compromising safety.  The software to support these complex tasks has grown very complex and can be costly to add features and adapt to new aircraft platforms. 


GE Aviation has created the TrueCourse™ FMS which is structured around a common framework that componentizes all software functions into reusable components.  These components are designed for easy update and adaptation by providing each component with reusable certification artifacts, thus reducing the cost of change.

TrueCourse Approach
  • Modern, Componentized Software Architecture, architected for Multiple Platforms
  • Fully functional Flight Management Feature Set
  • SW Architecture supports Open Architectures including FACE & ARINC 653
  • A661 & A739 Display Interfaces
  • Customizable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Menus
  • Advanced Airspace Features: RNAV/RNP 0.1, PBN, RTA, FANS 1/A+, Link 2000+
  • Reduced Cost of Change
  • Supports integrated Large Area Display and User Interface Device
  • Simplified HMI reduces Pilot workload
  • Reduced certification costs and durations
  • Reduced support costs
  • Aligns with GE’s future Flight Management Computer roadmap
  • Support current and future airspace mandates

TrueCourse is a trademark of GE.