GE’s H-Series Engine

As the workhorses of the family, GE’s H-Series engines combine enhanced performance and operability with maintenance simplicity to deliver rugged, reliable power for a range of applications.

Engines on a mission

Aerial application

GE Aviation’s first turboprop application nearly 10 years ago was for aerial application exclusively on Thrush Aircraft’s 510G. In this high-performing, rigorous industry, GE’s H80 engine proved itself and gained a following among operators who wanted something less – less fuel, less maintenance, lower costs, and lower temperatures. Now with GE’s electronic engine and propeller control available in 2018, pilots will enjoy less work in the cockpit. Who doesn’t enjoy an easier day at the office?


GE’s H-Series engines are optimized for utility missions. From skydiving to medical support and cargo transport, the engine thrives in rugged conditions that require mission readiness, short takeoffs, weight variability, and safe operation. Its standard configuration allows a seamless, low-investment integration into a variety of airframe types. GE’s engines provide companies the peace of mind to focus on their mission and their business, not their engines.

Corporate and private

GE Aviation continuously advances turboprop propulsion technology to differentiate aircraft and improve customer experience. To no one does the premium flying experience matter more than business executives and owner-operators whose time, comfort, and safety are paramount. From a pilot’s reduced workload in the cockpit to reduced engine noise in the cabin and industry-leading predictive engine analytics, the customer experience is only enhanced by the technology that GE provides.

Airline and charter

GE’s reliability and infused technology mean airlines and charter operators can fly on time and avoid maintenance that may otherwise take their engines out of service. H-Series engines have no fuel nozzles and no hot section inspections, easing the burden of additional maintenance. These engines were made to fly in remote, harsh environments such as Siberia and Nepal, where access to full-service maintenance facilities and fuel stations are limited. Airframers, passengers, and crew fly with confidence, knowing the aircraft can maneuver into and out of these destinations efficiently and safely.

Explore the H-Series


H75, H80, H85

GE has incorporated sophisticated technologies into the H-Series to advance a legacy of reliable power for turboprop aircraft.

EEPC-enabled engine

A first in turboprops in 2018, GE Aviation offers enhanced electronic engine and propeller control (EEPC) on its H-Series engines.

Aerobatic engine

When the aerobatic H-Series engine is certified, it will be the first electronic and engine propeller controlled (EEPC) aerobatic engine in its class.

H-Series service centers

The H-Series engine’s unique design provides more than just performance. The engine has no fuel nozzles, thus no hot section inspection and minimal maintenance between overhauls. This means operators can devote more time to their missions in the air. When customers do need assistance, GE’s field service and customer support teams are available 24/7 and backed by a global network of 22 authorized service centers across 12 countries, making repairs local and expedient. GE offers two locations for overhaul: Prague, GE’s production site, or Prime Turbines, GE’s authorized repair and overhaul center in Texas.

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