With an eye on total system optimization, GE continues to develop innovative and environmentally-responsible solutions

Navigation and Guidance

GE Aviation is an industry leader in providing navigation and guidance systems, led by its core flight management system. GE provides a range of fully integrated FMS solutions for multiple aircraft types as well as platform components, value-added applications, advanced navigation technologies and a range of services to support its portfolio of products.

Controls and Interface

GE's configurable controls and interface systems are required for today's modular and simplified vehicle system architectures. This product family is comprised of flexible remote interfacing products tailored to meet a range of applications - from distributed Input/Output (I/O) management to actuation control.

Avionics Computing and Networking System

GE's expertise in modular processing systems and ability to integrate third-party software led to high integrity systems on a number of civil and military aircraft. GE’s open architecture integrates the computers, networks and interfacing electronics, and hosts avionics and utilities functions providing major cost benefits and future growth capability.

Versatile Computing Systems Products
Vehicle Management, Mission and Distributed Computing Products


Versatile Network Switching Products

Vehicle Health and Data Management

Providing end-to-end support to acquire, transfer, process and analyze data to impact mission decisions, GE supports the full mission cycle with end-to-end maintenance, safety and training information systems for civil and military customers. Already in use on thousands of aircraft, these systems have been further developed for new aircraft like the A380, B787, F-35 and G650.

Crew Information Systems

GE has a long history of introducing the very latest display technology into the Aviation environment. Our modular designs enable maximum reuse with the latest design techniques to ensure delivery of world-class, affordable through-life products. GE develops products and systems that are essential in safety-critical aircraft applications for new or retrofit Civil and Military platforms.

GE has a range of displays that are stand-alone or as part of an integrated system for new or retrofit civil and military customers. Modular designs enable maximum reuse with the latest design techniques to ensure delivery of world-class, affordable through-life products.

Mission Systems

GE is a recognized leader in the control and processing of all mission-related functionality of military aircraft. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of systems and technologies, including stores management systems and autonomous air refueling systems. GE's land vehicle navigation systems are provided to various military vehicles, providing precision determination for any mission.

Inertial Navigation Products

GE Aviation provides innovative navigational grade Inertial Reference Units (IRU) that can be utilized for platform navigation, system stabilization and pointing applications. This IRU is based on a proprietary inertial gyroscope technology that reduces size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) when compared to units with similar performance.

GE’s IRUs are utilized on land, maritime and airborne applications with more than 5,300 units fielded worldwide. This product family is scalable to the customer’s specific needs. Options include standard or enhanced microprocessors and embedded military Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS or embedded commercial GPS receivers.

Avionics Services

As a leading Avionics services provider, GE performs repairs and provides spares on equipment for a wide range of aircraft platforms, including widebody, narrowbody, business jets, and military applications. We also offer upgrades, retrofits and product enhancements. GE designs and delivers test equipment interfaces for avionics equipment, and our sustainment support includes AOG services, proactive obsolescence management reports and more.

Military Advanced & Special Programs

GE Aviation’s Advanced & Special Programs (A&SP) organization exists to develop and transition cutting edge capabilities for advanced military platforms. From cyber-resilient vehicle and mission processing, to Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) architectures and autonomy enabling capabilities, or software defined radio implementations of cognitive networking and RF spectrum effects; A&SP is focused on helping our customers break through today’s most challenging barriers and accelerate the fielding of novel technologies into operational capabilities.

The new M-Series family of advanced avionics systems provides the high-performance edge-processing resources required to enable a wide range of vehicle and mission capabilities when size, weight, power consumption, and cost are critical. Low-cost attritable and one-way vehicles, small unmanned vehicles, and advanced platforms now have a family of cyber-secure, military-rugged systems designed specifically to provide the flexibility and growth needed for their mission.

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Commercial Unmanned Systems

GE Aviation’s comprehensive software and hardware platform for drones applies its proven flight management and guidance capabilities to develop innovative control solutions for applications in commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Advanced and Urban Air Mobility (AAM/UAM) and autonomous systems. Solutions include ruggedized and commercial hardware that integrates industry-standard flight control, communication, and ground station products.

GE’s Run-time Assurance (RTA) safety solution focuses on reducing risk for enterprise operators conducting advanced unmanned operations. RTA is an independent hardware and software sub-system that provides high-reliability assurance of system performance through parallel and dissimilar navigation, fully authoritative inline control of actuators and speed controllers, and self-contained recovery control functions. The functionality is currently being deployed in GE’s RTA edition of the Auterion Skynode™.

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