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GE9X Commercial Aircraft Engine

The world's next great engine

The GE9X is the world’s largest and most powerful commercial aircraft engine. It incorporates GE’s most advanced technologies that have been developed over the last decade to make it the most fuel-efficient engine in its class while also delivering unmatched performance. The GE9X is the sole-sourced engine for the Boeing 777X family.

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Tested for years. Confidence from day one.

With the most extensive technology maturation program in the history of GE Aviation, the GE9X engine will deliver world-class reliability and performance at service entry. But first, components undergo rigorous testing at specialized facilities around the globe.

Low pressure turbine testing (Massa, Italy & Evendale, Ohio)

Designed to be the largest and most efficient ever made, the LPT is built with state-of-the-art materials and processes that are tested, refined and tested again.

Combustor testing (Evendale, Ohio)

Capable of handling the highest pressure ratios and temperatures in aviation history, the combustor required the creation of specialized testing facilities in Evendale, Ohio.

Fan blade testing (Seattle, WA)

See how scaled 4th-generation composite fan blades are used to validate the 16-count design – the lowest of any twin-aisle engine available.

Compressor testing (Massa, Italy)

Take a look at how the compressor’s record-breaking 27:1 pressure ratio and new 3D aerodynamics are qualified on a custom-built rig in Massa, Italy.

In more than a century of building engines and powering flight, GE Aviation has never stopped innovating. All those years of research, testing and development will come together to power the new Boeing 777X airplane with the all-new GE9X commercial engine, built on a proven architecture while incorporating the latest technologies and materials.

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The most advanced technologies and materials

A blend of evolutionary and revolutionary designs will enable the GE9X to be the most fuel-efficient jet engine GE has ever produced on a per-pounds-of-thrust basis. It’s designed to deliver a 10% improved aircraft fuel burn versus the GE90-115B-powered 777-300ER and a 5% improved specific fuel consumption versus any twin-aisle engine available, plus achieve an approximate 10:1 bypass ratio, a 60:1 overall pressure ratio and margin to Stage 5 noise limits.

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GE9X Engine Cutaway
  • The largest fan produced by GE
  • New composite fan case
  • 16 fan blades using 4th generation composite carbon fiber
  • 27-to-1 compressor pressure ratio
  • Three-stage booster
  • 11-stage high-pressure compressor with the first five stages being blisks and new 3-D aerodynamics technology in all stages
  • TAPS III combustor with 3rd generation lean burn technology for greater efficiency and low emissions
  • Approximate 30% NOx emissions margin to CAEP/8
  • Ceramic matrix composite (CMC) material in the combustor and high-pressure turbine
  • New powdered alloy material in high-pressure turbine
  • Enhanced titanium aluminide (TiAl) low-pressure turbine airfoils
  • Debris rejection system

Engineered with the environment in mind

The GE9X features the same world-class reliability as the GE90-115B, with noise and NOx emissions well below anticipated regulation standards. Environmental performance highlights include:

The quietest GE Engine in terms of pounds of thrust per decibel

The lowest NOx emissions from a GE engine*approximately 55% margin to CAEP 8
*On a per-pounds-of-thrust basis
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GE9X Engine

Designed specifically for the Boeing 777X airplane, the GE9X will be the most fuel-efficient jet engine GE has ever produced.