TrueChoice™ Commercial Services

Fleets expand, oil prices fluctuate, operating horizons change. But our TrueChoice engine services suite enables us to accommodate any need and operational priority with an unmatched breadth of services and materials. So, whether you’re an operator, lessor or MRO, you can be assured that we have offerings to help you realize maximum value across the entire engine lifecycle.

TrueChoice Material

High quality new and used OEM parts, advanced repairs and technology upgrades for airlines and MROs. It’s all part of our commitment to offering more ways to enhance engine performance.

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TrueChoice Overhaul

Time and material workscopes specific to your shop visit objectives, economic priorities and ownership horizon, whether for one engine or your entire fleet.

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TrueChoice Flight Hour

Customized offerings that help you optimize cost of ownership over the entire engine lifecycle with flexible risk transfer and payment options.

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TrueChoice Transitions

A broad range of options for changing engine ownership horizons, including green time leases, exchanges, material buy-back and custom workscopes with shorter builds and maximum used material, as well as products for lessors that can accommodate a change in owner or operator.

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Digital Solutions for TrueChoice

Unlock the power of your fleet’s data and information with digital tools designed to enhance fleet outcomes and enable you to make more informed decisions.

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