TrueChoice™ Flight Hour

It's all about choice.

TrueChoice™ Flight Hour offerings help you optimize cost of ownership over the entire lifecycle with flexible risk transfer and payment options.

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Each TrueChoice Flight Hour program is unique and draws on the breadth and depth of GE’s overall experience and expertise. We work collaboratively with you to arrive at an ideal combination of products and services that minimizes your maintenance burden while maximizing fleet efficiency. This approach also considers special needs, such as pricing terms and payment structure.

TrueChoice Flight Hour programs transfer risk from your company to us, reducing financial and operational uncertainty and can involve everything from time on wing and cost per shop visit to long-term cost of ownership, short-term cash flow risk or lease return condition risk.

All the right offerings to meet your business needs and financial objectives

We realize there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan. With TrueChoice Flight Hour services, we can offer a choice of features, including:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled engine removals
  • Guaranteed spare engine availability
  • Tailored workscopes
  • Initial provisioning
  • Return condition guarantees
  • Logistics
  • Performance trend monitoring
  • Comprehensive remote diagnostics

To discover all the advantages of our TrueChoice Flight Hour offerings, contact GE Aviation Fleet Support or our TrueChoice team at [email protected].

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