Integrated. Certified. Delivered.

F110-GE-129: Fully committed to the Advanced Eagle since Day 1

To remain a staple of global defense, the advanced F-15EX requires trusted and qualified engines now to keep up with evolving global mission needs. Only GE’s F110 has already been delivered to the US Air Force, eliminating the risk of development time and cost. GE has the only certified and in-production engines supporting F-15 Advanced Eagles today.

Selected to accelerate the Advanced Eagle with enhanced technology

GE’s advanced F110 engine has been significantly improved to adapt to the unique demands of the F-15EX. Built with capability in reserve, the F110 can adapt to changing global threats and mission needs for decades to come.

Improved performance

  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
  • Enables advanced analytics

Better fuel burn

  • 3D aerodynamic design blades/vanes optimize fuel burn as proven in CFM56*, the most successful commercial jet engine ever made

Improved Combustor

  • New liner cooling design

Increased time-on-wing

  • Enhanced stator vane design
  • New HPT nozzle
  • New HPT blade
  • New S1 LPT nozzle
  • New S2 LPT Blade
  • New S2 LPT Shroud
  • Improved turbine cooling air delivery and coatings

Performance capability in reserve