The F404 Engine

One of the most versatile engines in its class, the F404 is a compelling choice for new applications around the globe

Image courtesy of Boeing

The F404 proves its versatility every day as it continues to power front line fighters and trainers for armed forces around the globe. The power behind the world's first stealth fighter, the F-117, many variants of the F404 set the standard for performance, simplicity and capability aboard a growing range of aircraft.



The F404-GE-102 powers the Korean T-50 advanced trainer/fighter and incorporates single-engine safety features, including a Full Authority Digital Electronic Control.


The F404-GE-402 provides power, improved fuel efficiency and increased mission capability for the combat-proven Boeing F/A-18C/D Hornet.


The F404/RM12 has been developed in conjunction with Volvo Aero Corporation to power the Saab Gripen multi-role fighter, attack and reconnaissance aircraft.


The highest thrust variant of the F404 family, the -IN20, deploys the latest hot section materials and technologies to power India's Light Combat Aircraft.


Developed for the Boeing T-7A Red Hawk advanced trainer, the F404-GE-103 is the latest derivative of the F404 family. It includes single-engine safety features and a Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) derived from GE’s F414 engine.

  F404-102/103/402 RM12 F404-IN20
Sea Level/Standard Day
Thrust Class (lb) 17,700 18,100 19,000
Length (Inches) 154 154 154
Airflow (lb./sec) 146 152 153
Pressure Ratio 26:1 27:1 28:1