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Whether it’s engine diagnostics or loaner engine transportation, GE OnPoint coverage goes above and beyond to deliver comprehensive support with the highest standard of service. Explore more of our program components below and discover how we’re making engine maintenance more convenient and cost-effective than ever before.


Your OnPoint service agreement covers overhaul, repair and/or exchange for every OEM part on your engine, including LLPs and LRUs. Line maintenance support includes required Chapter 5 periodic inspections, troubleshooting, parts and labor. Plus, we’ll provide comprehensive diagnostics to help ensure optimal engine performance.

OnPoint does not cover damages resulting from activities outside the ordinary course of engine operation or insurable events.

loaner engines

The OnPoint program offers loaner engines for all covered engine removals. This support includes all loaner fees and charges while your engine is being serviced. Transportation costs to and from overhaul facilities for both the loaner engine and your engine will be covered up to a maximum allowable amount.

hourly rates

The hourly rate for each engine is based on the time and cycles at enrollment as well as the utilization and flight leg of each operator. OnPoint takes into account any remaining warranty period and operating costs of the engine. Hourly rates will vary based on the engine's current time and cycles, time/cycles since last shop visit, operating parameters, operational base and scope of coverage.


Owners of new or used GE- or CFM-engine-powered business jet aircraft may enter the OnPoint program at any time. However, an inspection consisting of a complete engine borescope and a Ground Power Assurance run is required prior to enrollment of an engine with over 100 hours Time Since New. Pre-buy inspection reports that cover these requirements may be accepted.


In the event you sell, transfer or return the aircraft to a lessor, you have the option of transferring the agreement. OnPoint coverage is easily transferred without fees to the new owner via a short transfer agreement signed by all three parties.

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