Customer Support

Our Customer Support team is ready to help.

Customers with an Aircraft on Ground, general inquiry, comment or question can submit requests using one of our customer web portals.

Login to the customer portals using the Customer Login menu (located at the top of this page) to access technical documents, research and purchase engine parts, track orders and repairs, review engine health monitoring information, submit an inquiry to our Fleet Support team, and access a variety of other tools. Portals can be customized by adding only the information you need. Additional Fleet Support contact information is provided at the listings below.

Commercial Aviation Support

Toll-free in U.S.: 1-877-432-3272
Phone: +1 (513) 552-3272
China & Asia: +86 400 820 6208
[email protected]

Business & General Aviation Support

Toll-free in U.S.: 1-877-456-JETS (5387)
Phone: +1 (513) 552-JETS (5387)
China & Asia: +86 400 820 6208
[email protected]

Systems Support

For avionics, power systems, or general inquiries: [email protected]
For Dowty Propellers
For Unison Industries

Aviation Digital Solutions Inquiries

Phone: +1 (512) 452-8178
[email protected]

We're with you for the life of your fleet

From the day you take delivery of your first GE-powered airplane to the last day you operate it, GE Aviation Fleet Support is here to make sure you get the most out of your engines. We start by ensuring you're prepared for a flawless service entry and continue with a dedicated team of specialists striving to maximize product performance and service continuity. We do this by providing a complete suite of resources including the industry's most innovative and advanced engine monitoring and diagnostics, the most accessible and complete online technical portal, and a knowledgeable team of experts committed to supporting you with timely and accurate assistance.

We take it personally

When you look to GE for assistance, be assured you'll be met with a personal commitment to timely and accurate resolution. Each GE responder utilizes an integrated view of your request-including past history-to provide an immediate disposition. No matter where the issue leads, each person is responsible to connect you to the best resource available and to minimize re-explanation as your situation is being resolved. AOGs are treated with particular urgency, and our processes and training to support them are constantly being perfected as we learn from every event. Longer-term issues have aggressive resolution dates that we strive to meet every time, but if a recommitment is needed, you'll receive at least 24 hours notice.

Comprehensive, easy to use, unique to you

At GE, technical resources are only a few clicks away. Our online portal provides everything from fleet-wide directives to individual hardware records. We make it easy to use with intuitive tools to filter your view based on engine and airplane assets as well as application functionality. It also serves as your integrated interface for diagnostics and provides resources for training and technical publications. As you use the site, we use clickstream analytics and direct feedback to evolve and add functionality while improving your user experience. And as a top priority, the site is continuously updated with the latest and most accurate information. This resource is designed to be a simple,effective extension of your business, enabling you to operate more efficiently.

Innovation you can count on

You expect technical innovation from GE in jet engines, expect the same level of innovation in our diagnostics. Powered by GE's company-wide investment in Big Data analytics and software development, our capabilities are growing exponentially. You get diagnostic capabilities that leverage the world's largest experiential knowledge base to affinitize trends to levels of precision never seen before. Combined with constantly-evolving algorithms and matched with unprecedented computing power, the result is a capability far more predictive as we monitor your fleet, while working to improve operational reliability and eliminate service disruptions.

One size doesn't fit all

Whether you're beginning operation of our latest technology or taking ownership of a 20-year-old asset, GE is here to ensure that your startup is as trouble-free as possible. From tooling to spare engine allocation to maintenance planning and AOG support, our processes for larger fleet service entry have been time-tested and are continuously evolving. For smaller fleets, we tailor a support plan that is designed around your capabilities, expectations, and resources. And if your engines were under our long-term care, or part of our TRUEngine™ program, we'll make an even smoother EIS transition a value-add to both the seller and buyer. Large or small, new or old, you can count on GE for the most flawless entry into service possible.