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737 Flight Management System (FMS)

FMS for the 737NG & 737MAX aircraft

A320/A330/A340 Flight Management System (FMS)

GE partnered with Thales to provide the FMS for the Airbus A320/A330/A340

TrueCourse™ Flight Management System (FMS)

Next Generation FMS optimized for low cost of change and portability

Military Transport / Tanker / Special Missions FMS

Enhanced operational capability for military transport aircraft

Military Fighter Flight Management Application (FMA)

Enhanced operational capability for military fighter aircraft

Communications Management Application (CMA)

ACARS & ATN datalink management router

Flight Management Computer (FMC)

FMC Platform Computer hosts the Flight Management and other Applications

Multipurpose Control Display Unit (MCDU)

User Interface Device for FMS and other subsystems

Touchscreen Control Display Unit (TCDU)

Touchscreen reconfigurable User Interface Device

737 C1 Flight Management Computer Upgrade

C1 FMC Upgrade enables the latest FMS features

Connected Flight Management System (CFMS)

FMS connectivity for EFB Tablet Applications

Database Services

Databases, tools & services for GE’s FMS

Aircraft Performance Optimization (APO)

Technologies to improve aircraft performance and reduce operating costs

Trajectory Based Operation (TBO)

Technologies to support flight path optimization

Flight Management System Training Tools

Aircraft equivalent FMS training simulator

Simulator OEM Tools & Services

Aircraft equivalent FMS solutions for Simulator OEMs

FMS Training & Support Services

Training to maximize operator efficiency with the FMS

Autonomous Guidance, Navigation and Control

UAV Guidance, Navigation & Control Technologies

GE Aviation is an industry leader in aviation navigation and guidance solutions for both the civilian and military markets.

GE Aviation's navigation and guidance systems provide a broad range of solutions to the aviation industry, led by its core flight management system. GE Aviation has been providing flight management systems (FMS) for many aircraft types for more than 34 years and has logged in excess of 200 million flight hours. GE Aviation's flight management system is in service with nearly 600 airlines and other operators and installed on more than 12,000 aircraft including Boeing's 737-300 through 900ER models and BBJs, the USAF KC-46, the U.S. Navy P-8A, E-6B, USAF E-4 and C-130J, international variants including UK MOD, RCAF, RAAF and IAF C-130J, Airbus A320/330/340, EADS A330 MRTT, Indian Navy P-8I, Japanese Navy C-2/P-1.

The first GE flight management computer system (FMCS) and control display unit (CDU) began production in 1984 on the 737-300. GE Aviation is the industry leader in developing Required Navigation Performance procedures with a precision of 0.1 nautical miles (RNP 0.1). GE provides a broad range of solutions related to its core FMS including the host platforms, data services, value added applications and support services.

The GE Aviation FMS pioneered RNP 0.1 approach operations with Alaska Airlines, including missed approach operations < 1.0 NM in accordance with AC 90-101. GE Aviation's FMS on the Boeing 737 was the first FMS to receive certification to conduct RNP Authorization Required (AR) approaches in the world.

The GE Aviation FMS provides significant benefits that are not available in other systems. Its optimized four-dimensional descent was certified as a GE Aviation Ecomagination product after completing a rigorous product review process. The evaluation focused on the technology's operating and environmental benefits that include demonstrated emissions reductions, fuel and costs savings, and reduced noise.

GE Aviation is at the forefront of Performance-Based Navigation and Trajectory Based Operation concept development. As a major contributor to the development of RTCA DO-236 and its implementation in the Boeing 737 Flight Management System, GE Aviation worked closely with Alaska Airlines to develop the flight operations and approach procedures for RNP arrivals into Juneau, Alaska and RNP parallel approaches into San Francisco, CA. GE Aviation has also been a leader in helping to demonstrate and enable RNP, 4D TBO, and Advanced Continuous Descent Approach (A-CDA) operations.

"Take a left on C Street, then a right on Grand Avenue."

With a Flight Management System, getting an aircraft from one place to another is almost that easy and far more efficient. An FMS makes use of a complex satellite system to tell aircraft crews precisely where they are, where they're going, and which route will get them there most efficiently.

Bad weather or heavy traffic ahead? FMS quickly adjusts the flight plan, automatically loading revised plans into the navigation system after clearance.

FMS functions

  • Processes data from various navigation and engine sensors
  • Displays navigation data on Navigation Display Unit and Control Display Unit in the cockpit
  • Transmits lateral and vertical guidance data to flight control system for automatic control

FMS components

Flight Management Computer

Single, dual or triple installation for redundancy

Control and Display Unit

Two or three units installed in cockpit

Provides keyboard for data entry and textual display of information

Navigation Display Unit

One for each pilot

Provides graphic display of flight plan and moving map of flight progress

Aircraft Platform with GE’s Flight Management System Core Flight Management Function Flight Management Computer Multi-purpose Control Display Unit FANS Data Link Interface Comms Management Function Mission Specific Guidance Functions
737 Next Generation Family
737 MAX Family
A320 Family
KC-46 Pegasus
P-8A Poseidon
C-130J Super Hercules
KC-767 Tanker / Transport
E-2C Hawkeye
E-6B Mercury
E-4 Airborne Command Post
Indian Navy P-8I
Japanese Navy P-1/C-2