Many older 737s are operating older GE A4 Flight Management Computers (FMC).  The A4 FMCs do not support the latest FMS features.



The C1 Flight Management Computer (FMC) upgrade enables the latest U-Series flight management systems software.  Together the FMC & latest software provides efficiency gains that yield significant operational cost savings. 


Click here to download the 737 C1 FMC datasheet. 

Operator experience
  • Single FMC part number across fleet
  • Ability to access latest U-series FMS software upgrades
  • Supports FANS datalink capabilities
  • Supports RNP 0.1
  • Consistent operations across 737 fleet
  • Common pilot training
  • Improved FMC performance
  • Reduced, operational cost ~ $45 - $65 per flight
  • Increased  Availability
  • Reduced fuel burn ~ $10 per flight
  • Increased annual value-added training ~ $300 per pilot